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Crisis intervention services 24/7, free, professionnal and bilingual.

We offer you a judgment-free environment in which to share your story, or that of someone you love.

Telephone 24-7


Immediate answer: 514-483-3033


Our direct line is accessible 24/7 to any person in distress, as well as to concerned friends or family members, and to mental health professionals who would like to make a referral. An initial contact by telephone is the first step to accessing our other services, such as evaluation, housing, and community follow-up.

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We offer our clientele short-term housing at our centre, which can accommodate 8 clients at a time.


We encourage a healthy routine at the center, and our workers are available to help clients follow through with tasks related to their intervention plans.


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Presently, our centre is not wheelchair accessible. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Community follow-up


We offer evaluation meetings in a location that is comfortable and convenient for our clientele, whether that be in a private home or in a community setting.


The crisis follow-up consists of regular meetings with a worker from the mobile team, as well as 24/7 access to telephone support.

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With our clients’ consent, we encourage the sharing of information with family members and/or the long-term treatment team, through family or network meetings.


Once the intensity has diminished and before ending our follow-up, we accompany clients in seeking out long-term support as needed and facilitate this transition. 


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Please be advised that requests for services or exchanges with an interventionist are only possible by telephone. No interventions or counselling orientation shall occur through email.

For immediate assistance, please call (514) 483-3033

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